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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Transforming the Unexpected

It is fun to just take a day and write something unusual. Something most people would not have thought about. So for today’s writing challenge, collect one or two objects from around your house that you could use your imagination to transform into something. Write about the transformation process in a poem or a story.

Examples of objects, brick of cheese for a rat or scouring pad for a nail file or the refrigerator as a big mouth-eating monster.

Here is my attempt to write about object transformation of a bar of soap.


White soap



In murky bath water

Squeezing it between

Fingers and palm

The white frog leaps

Back into the white

Porcelain pond

Words ripple and


Over brain matter

The hand fishes

And feels the undercurrent

The eyes hunt

Piercing the white

Undiluted swells

Looking for the

Amphibious creature

To rear its head

Plug pulled

Gurgle, gurgle


Muddy white scum

Lays on the porcelain pond floor

Fully exposed

Melted smaller

Extraordinarily shaped


My white soap


Connie Arnold said...

I like your poem, Jewel, very imaginative and creative! That's a fun challenge, and you did it well.

Jewel Sample said...

Thank you so much Connie. It was fun to try something new.