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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hungry Critters

Hello writing friends!

Welcome back to the adventures of Jewel of a Book. I hope your summer brought you many things to write about.

School is now in full swing. Vacations have come to a slow grind and your body is almost use to getting up at the crack of dawn to get to school on time. Just as you are about to turn off the news on the television, there is a News Alert. "Rumor has it a group of hungry rodents chewed through a fiber-optic line at the high school. The critters endeavors managed to knockout the complete public school security system, as well as the telephones and internet service."

Write about it!

In real life, things happen when you least expect them! We can take those events and turn them into great stories.

Choose your own setting: school, hospital, bank, museum or parent's work.

Choose the kind of critters that you want in your story (rats, rabbits, squirrels & etc.).

Take a picture or find one in a book of the setting or the animal for your story.

Rumors spread, how does your rumor get everyone's attention?

How do you or your characters react to the rumor?

Does the rumor hold true?

Share your story by placing it in the comments below! Be sure and stop back by to see what others have written.

Happy writing!

Writing prompt by Jewel Sample---award winning author of FLYING HUGS AND KISSES.

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