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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Suzanne Lieurance Reviews Girls and their Dogs

Reviewed by Suzanne Lieurance

Title: Girls and their Dogs
ISBN: PB 1-59369-169-6
Category: Be Your Best
Author: Sara Hunt
Ages: 8 and up
Retail Price: $8.95
Release Date: March 2007

Wow! This is the ultimate book for any young girl who loves dogs. In fact, if this book had been around when I was about 8 or 10 years old, I would probably have slept with it under my pillow. At that time, dogs were the most important creatures in my world - as they are today to many young girls the world over.

Girls will love the stories about real dogs (and the girls who own them) that are just part of the great dog-related information in this jazzy new book from American Girl and Pleasant Company Publications.

And girls will really have fun trying some of the recipes to create yummy treats for both dogs and their owners. They can whip up a batch of "Woof Woof Waffles" for their favorite dog - OR - try some "Puppycakes" (cupcakes decorated to look like dogs - you have to see these darling creations to truly appreciate the concept of puppycakes) for themselves and their "human" friends.

The book includes suggested names for pooches, doggie trading cards and mini-posters, and even tips for doodling a dog - creating cute pen-and-pencil pooches.

Colorful photographs and other illustrations help make this book simply irresistible to dog-loving girls everywhere!


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