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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hop! Hop! Hop! – A Review

Reviewed by Christian F. (3 years old) and his grandmother Karen Cioffi

Title: Hop! Hop! Hop!
Written by: Ann Whitford Paul
Illustrated by: Jan Gerardi

Grandma: Who went hop, hop, hop?

Christian: Little Rabbit.

Grandma: Why was he hopping?

Christian: He's following Big Rabbit.

Grandma: What did Big Rabbit hop over?

Christian: Flowers. A puddle. A log.

Grandma: Was Little Rabbit able to hop over things like Big Rabbit?

Christian: No.

Grandma: Why wasn't he able to hop over the things?

Christian: He's too small.

Grandma: Did Little Rabbit figure out how to get past things?

Christian: Yeah.

Grandma: How did he get past the things?

Christian: He walked around them.

Grandma: Did you like this book?

Christian: Yeah.

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