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Monday, April 20, 2009

Bubble Print Art

by Amy M. O’Quinn

It’s universal! All children enjoy being creative! And here’s a fun activity that’s easy, yet a little bit different from your run of the mill ‘crayon and paper’ project. It’s called Bubble Print Art, and it combines two ‘kid favorites’—bubbles and paint.

What You’ll Need:

White Art Paper
Quart Containers
Tempera Paint (your choice of colors)
Liquid Detergent
Straws (not the bendable kind)
Shallow Pans
Spoon for stirring


1. Mix one-third cup of tempera paint with one-third cup liquid detergent in a quart
container; add water to fill the container and stir. Let the mixture sit
overnight. If you want to use several different colors, you’ll need to make a
different solution for each one in a separate container.

2. The next day, pour each color solution into its own shallow pan.

3. With an adult’s supervision, place the bottom of the straw into the color solution
and blow gently through the top of the straw to create bubbles. Be careful not to
suck any of the paint up into your mouth...remember to BLOW!

4. Next, carefully press a piece of paper onto the top of the bubbles. The bubbles
should burst and leave an imprint on the paper. You can create a fantastic design
using different colored bubbles.

Get creative and have fun with your bubble print art!


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