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Monday, April 13, 2009

Blast off to Healthy Eating!

by Terri Forehand

Kids, are you tired of being nagged to eat right?

Surprise your parents by choosing healthy foods all by yourself. Here are some tips to make good choices.

1. Know what the 5 food groups are. They are Breads and Cereals, Fruits, Vegetables,
Meat/ Fish, and Milk/ Dairy.

2. Pick 4... pick four fruits or vegetables every day. Ask your mom for them before
she has time to tell you. Pick 4 dairy items... milk, yogurt, or cheese. Pick four
times a day to drink a glass of water instead of juice or soda.

3. Pick 3 meats or proteins. Eat 3 meals each day. And limit your snacks to 3 a day
from one of the 5 food groups. Skip the sugar treats and see what happens.

Start the day off right by eating breakfast... it is the best meal of the day for jump starting your brain and giving you energy. Try it for a week without being nagged and see how you feel. My guess is you will really feel GREAT and your parents will think weird things are happening because they haven't had to nag. It'll be a hoot. Happy Eating!


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