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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Make a Leprechaun Egghead!

by Amy M. O'Quinn

Science is fun! St. Patrick’s Day is fun too! So let’s combine the two and enjoy a neat activity that is sure to garner a few chuckles. Making a ‘Leprechaun Egghead’ is a great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, enjoy an unusual craft, and even learn a little horticulture in the process. You may even discover that you, too, have a ‘green’ thumb when you make this charming St. Patty’s Day decoration. So gather your supplies and let’s get ‘growing.’

leprachaun egg 1

leprechaun egg 2

What You’ll Need:

An uncooked egg
Scissors or a knife (With adult supervision)
Crayons or Paint
Grass Seed
Potting soil
Green Construction Paper


1. Cut the top off the uncooked egg by gently cracking the shell around the narrow end
with the blade of a kitchen knife or a pair of scissors. (Ask an adult to help with
this part.) The shell should break away evenly at that point so you will have deep
shell perfect for planting. Rinse the shell, inside and out, and let it dry

2. Fill the clean, dry shell with fresh potting soil and sprinkle a small amount of
grass seed on the surface.

3. Keep the soil/grass seeds sprinkled or misted with water every day so the soil
stays moist as the grass grows. In about five days, there should be a nice growth
of green ‘hair’!

4. Now comes the fun part. Decorate the eggshell to look like a
coat, orange beard, twinkly eyes, happy grin, and a pipe (See photo.)

5. You can draw, decorate and cut out a leprechaun hat from green construction paper
to put atop the leprechaun’s head. You may even have to give your egghead a

Set your ‘Leprechaun’ on a table (a bottle cap is a great base), in a windowsill, or in some other special place and enjoy this perky little egghead on Saint Patrick’s Day...and beyond. He’s always good for a laugh!


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