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Monday, March 2, 2009

Keeping Kids Healthy in an Unhealthy World

by Terri Forehand

This winter has been harsh weather- wise and health- wise. Kids have been exposed to RSV, cold viruses, flu viruses, and contamination from some of their favorite foods like peanut butter. Winter has been hard. How do you keep kids healthy in this kind of environment? Follow these tips to keep kids healthy:

* Rest, kids need rest. They might not think they do, but we know better. Kids
under 5 still need naps, and kids older than 5 and on up to late teens, still
need a reasonable bedtime. Most kids need 8-10 hours of good sleep every night to
keep healthy, alert, and active.

* Water, kids need 6-8 glasses of water per day. I am not talking soda, koolaid, or
juice. Good fresh water to hydrate cells and promote cell restoration.

* Vitamins, from a healthy diet and from supplements when kids don't eat right.
Vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies are the best source to keep skin,
organs, and the immune system healthy so think fruits and veggies when thinking

* Handwashing... the single most important form of prevention of the spread of
viruses and bacteria is good handwashing practices. Teach your children to wash
their hands frequently, especially after the bathroom, after being at the store
and touching carts, and after sneezing and coughing episodes.

Start with these tips and small changes to get kids on the road to health. Check back next Monday for more tips to keep kids healthy and active. And follow the same tips to improve how you feel too. Make it a family affair to get healthy and fit together.


For more tips for keeping kids healthy, visit Terri Forehand's blog, heartfeltwords4kids

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