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Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Time for Spring Cleaning!

by Terri Forehand

As you spring clean this season, throwing out all that extra junk, here are a five things to add to your list. These will be great examples for your children and helpful to you as a parent as well.

1. Free your heart from hatred - throw out those old misconceptions and make a new
spring start by opening your heart. It will teach your children compassion and
understanding rather than hate and dislike.

2. Free your mind of worry. Most worries are things that you can't change anyway, so
break free from the worry and spring clean your mind.

3. Live simply and teach your children to do the same. For instance, a few favorite
toys and games that they enjoy are better than a room full of stuff no one uses. It
is simple to keep clean and easier for the kids to find and play with their
favorites. Less is More.

4. Give more - more time, more money, more clothing, more food, what ever you feel you
can give. It teaches children to think of others, appreciate what they have, and it
lightens the heart.

5. Expect less - don't lower your standards, just lower your expectations. It will
lessen your disappointments in life and increase your joy when your receive those
blessings you didn't expect.

Spring is a great time to do more than sweep out cobwebs and mop those floors. It is never too late to clear out your mind and open your heart too. It may freshen your outlook. Happy Spring!


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