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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Buying Books for Boys - Especially Reluctant Readers!

by Margot Finke

Okay, you want to get that kid away from the computer or computer game, but he just won't read. Show him a book and he completely shuts down. His light goes out!

Remember the old rhyme, "Girls are made of sugar and spice, but boys are made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails."

If you give him books that offer more snips and snails and puppy dog tails, he WILL read them. Boys love the YUCK of life. Look for titles and stories with plots that deal with the following - or worse:
Slimy frogs
Bathroom humor
Macho action and dialogue
Underarm music
Boys clubs
Dangerous wild animals
Trekking to far off places
Making a sister's life miserable
A garage band named "The Suicide Squad - or similar.
The hero hates bathing, soap, clean clothes
The hero has bad breath, similar attitude, and is puzzled why his parents don't understand him!
Wacky humor
The wimp who discovers he CAN stand up for himself if it means life or death - HIS!

Look for books that combine any three (or all of them) in a plot, for a sure-fire, macho reluctant reader winner. HOOK the boy in your life early.

And, if you need advice about actual books that will HOOK that boy on reading, go to:

Michael Sullivan's
Books for Boys

There you will find recommendations for boys of all ages, tips for parents, and even "Boy Meets BOOK" - and the rest is history!

You CAN get that boy reading - even if it kills you!


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terri.forehand said...

Good information for new and old writers, especially those writing for boys. Thanks.