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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Books You Download - The Trend of the Future or a Passing Craze?

by Margot Finke

E-Books, like hard copy books of all genres, vary in quality. As e-Books gain readership and popularity, more-and-more care is being taken to make sure the quality of the writing and art-work is really good. It has taken time for writers and e-Publishers to understand that standards of excellence DO matter, no matter what form the finished book takes.

There are now two e-Book Readers on the market that will show color illustrations (PANASONIC - FUJUTSU ). At the moment, their cost is way too high - but look at microwaves, TV and cell phones when they first came out! I am certain that as more readers go for downloads, the price of e-Book Readers will come down to a reasonable level. For now, we are stuck with the black and white version of e-readers, or our computer screens if we want color.

A HUGE PLUS is that children's e-BOOKS can be downloaded for as little as $3.00 each, whereas the same book in paper costs anywhere from $10.00 to $15.00. Adult genres a lot more. Buy GREEN and SAVE a TREE! You can also usually download picture books from the publisher, or online sites like Fictionwise, Readers Eden, and many more.

These days, many publishers, like Guardian Angel Publishing (G.A.P.), provide hard copy, e-Book Download, and CD versions of their books. Even some of the "Big Boys" are getting into the act. Soon there will be DVD versions of many picture books, with sound and music. Kids today, unlike many of their parents and grandparents, are computer savvy. We grew up taking the telephone and TV for granted. Kids today take reading on a screen the same way. They play games on a screen too, download their music, and watch movies as well. Kids today can't imagine life without computers and the magic they bring. I suspect it's the adults who need to catch up with the 21st century.

No one publishing venue is the RIGHT one. There is a time and place for e-Book reading, and a time and place for snuggling up in bed with a paper book. A new set of reading options.

e-Books are just beginning to take off, and become noticed as viable alternatives for reading fun and education. This is a new publishing arena, and it is still in that early shake-down period. Guttenberg didn't get it right the first few times around, either.

And in these tough times, and with environmental issues in mind, buying THRIFTY GREEN e-BOOKS makes total sense. And if some of those e-Books add a little voice, music, or action to the mix, why not? Think of all those boys out there who are reluctant readers. A little music and action could sweeten the deal, and make the bitter reading pill go down without a murmur - right?

Think of those long and boring family car trips. E-Books on a reader or DVD player can stop squabbles, and kids being brats in the back seat. And some stories are just MADE for reading and viewing as mini movies, with sound and action - as well as those wonderful illustrations. Did you know, that fun, educational computer games for the family, + others made for adults only, now haul in more money than movies - in the multiple Billions!!

We are already IN the electronic age. Our kids and grandkids will see and experience all electronic homes ( there are models out there already), and cars we don't need to drive - just type in a destination, then sit back and enjoy the ride - or a movie!! But hey, I don't want to throw you too far into "future scare."

However, you can bet the kids of today will embrace it all. The future
can't be stopped, and the past is already losing ground.


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