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Sunday, October 5, 2008

How To Make A Dragonfly Ring

Did you know Water Nymphs transform into Dragonflies? John Adams' book titled The Dragonfly Door shows how two nymphs named Lea and Nym go through friendship and change. At the end of the book he explains in real life that during the summer months a female dragonfly lays her eggs in mud or attaches them to underwater plants. The eggs are about the size of a grain of rice.

When the egg hatches, the Nymph lives in the water for about one to six years. It eats other water creatures and uses the gills in their tail to breathe and to swim. As the Nymph grows up it sheds it skin for a new larger one.

When it is time for the Nymph to leave the water it climbs a reed growing out of the pond water into the air. It skin will split open, but this time the Nymph is transformed into a Dragonfly. The Dragonfly is warmed and dried by the sun as blood flows through it's body and helps straighten it's wings, so it can fly and find shelter among the tall grasses and food, like Mosquitoes. Eventually it will find a partner to lay eggs, just like it's mother did years before.

Here is How To Make Dragonfly Rings!

Time: 1-1 ½ Hours
Grade Level: Pre-K & up

One piece of construction paper per child.
Crayons, markers and pencil.
Glue Stick.
Blunt end Scissors.
One twelve inch ruler or a straight edge object like the side of a spiral notebook.

What to Do:

1. Lay your pointer finger down on the center of the paper.

2. With a pencil trace around your finger.

3. Close the bottom opening to make the body of the Dragonfly.

4. Turn you paper sideways and spread your pointer and index fingers over the side of the body.
5. Trace around both fingers to form the wings on one side of the body.
6. Turn the paper the opposite direction and spread your pointer and index fingers over the other side of the body.
7. Trace around both fingers to form the wings on the opposite side of the body.

8. Draw bug eyes and an antennae on the head

9. Draw five-eight half circles to lengthen the tail.

10. Draw two 1 ½ inch parallel lines between the wings on each side of the body to make strips for the ring.

11. Color your dragonfly with markers or crayons.

12. Cut out the dragonfly along the penciled outer lines being careful not to cut off the strips between the wings.

13. Bend the strips between the wings downward.

14. Place glue on the upper side of one strip.

15. Overlay the strips together to form a ring, adjusting the ring to fit your finger before the glue dries.

16. Place the Dragonfly ring on your finger and pretend it flies through the air.

Let's Write About An Adventure!
While playing with your Dragonfly ring and making motions in the air with your hand to pretend it flies, your mind goes to an adventure. Write and share with us your adventure by asking your parent to leave your story in the comment section!

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