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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How To Make Your Own Puzzle

Favorite Memory Puzzle

Time: 1-1 ½ Hours
Grade Level: Pre-K & up

One piece of poster board or sturdy paper from a cereal box.
Crayons, markers and pencil.
Glue Stick.
Blunt end Scissors.
Clear contact paper.
One piece of computer copy paper or any light colored construction paper.
One twelve inch ruler or straight edge object like the side of a spiral notebook or a puzzle piece from a store bought puzzle.
One large business size envelope or a plastic zip-lock bag

What to Do:

1. Match the one corner and edge of the drawing paper and the poster board.
2. Pencil trace around the other edges the paper.

3. Cut with scissors along the pencil lines to make the drawing paper and poster board the same size. (Grown-ups are great helpers for cutting)

4. Set aside the poster board.

5. Draw a big picture of your favorite memory on the drawing paper.

6. Color a solid frame around the paper edges with a crayon or marker.

7. Cover the entire back of your drawing from edge to edge with glue.

8. Starting at one edge lay the glue side of your drawing down onto the poster board.

9. Smooth from the center out as you are laying the papers together.

10. Cover the front and back with clear contact paper.

11. Cut with scissors the excess contact paper by cutting along the edges of the drawing paper.

12. With the ruler pencil mark the back of the poster board to make 3 inch triangles or rectangles of squares or trace around your puzzle piece until the entire back is marked with puzzle shapes.

13. Cut out the shapes with scissors by following the pencil lines.

14. Put your puzzle back together using the solid colored edges to frame the outside.

15. Store the pieces in the large business envelope or a plastic zip-lock bag

Puzzle Race:
Invite a few friends to time you with a second hand watch and themselves while putting each others puzzles together. Write down each time. Compare how long it took each person to put the puzzles together. Find the winner by ranking the smallest amount of time first. Who came in second, third or fourth? Try putting a puzzle together blindfolded! How long did it take you?

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