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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jewel's Books


I love to write stories for children. The storybooks listed help kids through the sadness they feel when their baby brother or sister has died.

Flying Hugs and Kisses is about how five children comforted each other when their baby brother suddenly died. They want to tell their baby brother that they loved him. Will they find a way to send their hugs and kisses to him?

Flying Hugs and Kisses won The National Parenting Center 2007 Seal of Approval! That means it is a great book for children to read.

Flying Hugs and Kisses Activity Book is for kids to color, draw, and write in to help answer questions about when a baby brother or sister dies. It has fun things to do like games and puzzles.

Besos y abrazos al aire is the Spanish language edition of Flying Hugs and Kisses
(no longer available)

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