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Monday, August 18, 2008

How big is the World’s Largest Jigsaw puzzle?

In 2007 the Educa Borras factory of Barcelona, Spain made the world’s largest commercially made jigsaw puzzle containing 24,000 pieces. The puzzle measures 14ft 0.5” X 5 ft 1.8” (14 feet 0.5 inches wide by 5 feet 1.8 inches high) and weighs approximately 26 pounds. It sure won’t fit in my 8 ft X10 ft bedroom.

Royce B. McClure painted and designed the artwork for the puzzle, which is titled Life: The Greatest Challenge. McClure found the biggest challenge was eliminating large areas where there was no changes taking place, so the puzzler would not become bored while putting the puzzle together.

It is officially entered into the Guinness World Records!

To find out how Royce B. McClure put together the design for the puzzle and see a picture of the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle visit the question and answer section here

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