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Monday, August 18, 2008

Always Practice Internet Safety

Jewel and her friends practice internet safety while having fun on information exchange cyber-highways.

The Internet safety rules Jewel and her friends follow are:

Never give out personal information like your
(even if they want to give you something free)

Full name
Telephone or cell phone numbers
Parent’s full name
Parents work location or telephone number
School name or address
Friend’s full names or address’
Computer passwords
Credit card numbers
Hospital names you were born in

Never agree to meet with someone you met on the internet with out first checking with your parents.

Always tell your parents or guardian right away if you read something or someone sends you a picture that makes you feel uncomfortable or afraid.

Never send a picture of yourself to someone without first checking with your parents or guardian.

Never respond to messages that are mean, rude, or make you feel uncomfortable. It is not your fault if you get these messages. Always tell your parents or guardian right away. Your parents can leave a tip about these types of messages at

Always be respectful and do not do anything that could hurt others or break the law.

Always check first with your parents, teacher, librarian, or guardian, before downloading or installing software that could possibly harm or damage the computer.

These rules are modified from, a place dedicated to helping kids stay safe while having fun on the cyber-highways of electronic information exchanges.

For more internet safety information visit

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