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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jewel's Writing Adventures

Where do I get my ideas to write a story? I get my ideas from the things that happen where I live; or while traveling, eating out or visiting family, or people around a community. Things just happen and WHAM an idea pops into my head. Then I have the desire to write about my idea.

Right now I am writing about two characters who are brothers named John and Logan. The boys set out to go fishing and are surprised by finding something. Will they figure out what it is? Will something else happen too? I use my imagination or sometimes real life events to make my story interesting.

Sometimes I play the “what if” game. My grandchildren and I play this game a lot when they visit. They love to make up funny or weird stories to surprise me.

The game goes like this. Someone will start out asking the question what if and fill in the rest of the sentence with something they are interested in. Just the other day my granddaughter started the game with the question, "what if every time you told a lie your hair turned green?" Then someone one else picked up her question and started telling a story. When that person was through telling what they thought would happen, then another person would take over the story and add to it. We never know how the story will end or what will happen. It is so much fun.

You can play the “what if” game too and write it down. What if your teacher or parents, best friend or class bully, pastor or coach gave you three wishes? Pick one person and write about what those wishes would be. Then write about what happened when the wishes were granted and if you like how things turned out. Before you know it you have a cool story to share with your friends.

Share your stories with Jewel by asking your parents to post your story in the comments section or email Jewel and she will post them.

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Carma's Window said...

The what if game sounds perfect for stimulating ideas especially with young minds who are unlmimted in their thinking.